Emigrating to New Zealand?

Tavyside Health Centre is a registered Panel Centre authorised to undertake the necessary medicals as requested by the New Zealand High Commission for the purpose of emigration. 

Dr Johnson has been registered Panel Doctor for many years and the Practice itself has been on the Panel for many more. 

If you require a medical you can book an appointment by calling 01822 616199 and speaking to one of our team of secretaries.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do the medicals cost?

New Zealand

Child medicals (aged 0 – 14) - £60.00
Adult medicals (aged 15 – 69) - £135.00
Aged 70 and over medicals - £200.00

Standard New Zealand blood screen (required for all clients aged 15 and above) £85.00

Should additional blood tests be required the costs of course will increase.  Additional tests will only be necessary if your medical history necessitates more in depth investigation.

The cost of your x-ray is additional and these charges will be quoted to you by the appropriate radiology department. Designated local radiology departments are in Plymouth, Exeter and Barnstaple. 

How long do the medicals take?

Each medical should usually last no more than half an hour.  We allow an hour per person from the age of seventy onwards as we are required to undertake additional tests for this age group. 

What is the turnaround time?

Once you have had your medical, we require your blood results and x-rays (where applicable) to arrive before completing your papers.  Occasionally the doctor will require further information from you with regards to a medical condition you may have or previous operations you may have had, this will of course add to the turnaround time.  However if no further information is required and all results are normal, we aim to have your papers sent back to you within two weeks.  If there are any abnormal blood test results, the doctor will contact you to discuss the next steps. 

Where do you send the medicals to?

We always send your completed medical papers and x-ray back to you.

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